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Susanne Gmelch, Kai Lindner

The question of whether SUSAN X is an experienced power woman or a fragile artist is irrelevant. She is strong, sensitive, sometimes too self-critical, organizes her career single-handedly and wraps her songs in clever, radiant dance-pop with lyrics about love, doubt, determination and joie de vivre. “With the music I also want to pass on my experiences, which were not only rosy, and give people courage. Maybe my songs can be a little time out when life goes crazy again.”

Already the title of her advance single BREATHING sounds like a breather and provides us with much more than that in the end: Comfortable-warm chords and gently rising beats carry us without detours into a chorus flying to the sky, which frees all the senses. You can clearly hear that there is more than just skill behind the smooth and powerful vocals of SUSAN X. “My songs are almost all biographical, they are my stories. BREATHING is about letting go. About a person you love deeply, but who doesn’t do you any good – but also about expectations, about hopes. The relationship it’s about was a few years ago, but the theme is always present. When you leave one city for another; when you jump into the deep end – when you stand by yourself, no matter what others say. When you recognize your path and also go it.”

BREATHING was created as the first song of a key moment in 2019, when SUSAN X threw everything overboard after her move from Stuttgart to Berlin and explored new paths with producer Kai Lindner (pianist for Johannes Oerding, pianist and musical director for Tom Gregory and Zoe Wees): “Kai had beats with him and when BREATHING was finished, I was almost a bit shocked because the sound was so different from what I had expected. At the same time I was totally happy – we just instinctively knew we were on the right track.” After huge successes at the renowned jazzopen alongside Joss Stone and Solomon Burke, appearances at the German Citizen’s Award and Berlin Fashion Week, as well as invitations to JazzRadio’s “The Orange Room”, SUSAN X ventures a new start: BREATHING announces her debut EP to be released in autumn and pays tribute to an extremely charming and versatile musician who only has to obey her own rules in 2021: “The beauty of the new tracks is that they work just as well on the big stage as acoustically in a small club. I really enjoy not having a fixed plan with these songs, letting go and being open to everything!”

BREATHING is coming May 7, 2021 – SUSAN X’s debut EP will be released in the fall.

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