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Mario Novembre


Charming and go-getting artist Mario Novembre has done it all on his own. Without large-scale marketing campaigns and purely through his organic growth on social media, he picks up masses of fans and wins celebrity supporters like: Pietro Lombardi, KayOne, Mike Singer and last but not least Sido . The multi-talent inspires across all social media channels. 1.7 million followers on Instagram he takes daily, on TikTok 5.2 million followers laugh at his humorous talent. This potential gave his hit “Allein Sein” (over 30 million streams) directly the TikTok Viral Top 20 Charts and a TopTen Chartentry. His single “Lautlos” (over 15 million streams) also placed prominently in the TikTok Viral Top 10 Charts at #1.

Since 2020, Mario has not only played one of the main roles in the Joyn Originals series “The Boarding School,” which enters its fourth season in May 2022, but has also contributed the theme song “10 out of 10.”
And the likeable Italian also had his own personality TV format in the meantime. “Mario Novembre – that too…”.

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